Fase St. – A New Home Development In Ada, Michigan

Fase St. Crossings will offer four elevations and three house designs to consider: The Robinson, The Bradfield, and The Kendall. Great care went into selecting these names; a gesture to honor both the geography and history of the area.

Rix Robinson was a civilian merchant who sold provisions to American troops during the War of 1812. Sutlers as they were often referred, sold their wares from the back of a wagon or a temporary tent. Mr. Robinson traveled alongside the soldiers to Detroit, Mackinac Island, and Green Bay, all busy centers for fur trading at the time. A successful businessperson, he strived throughout his life to developing strong relationships with fellow pioneers and local Indigenous tribes, in care and deed.

In 1820 the American Fur Company chose Robinson to be their central fur trader in West Michigan, succeeding Madeline La Framboise as she was retiring to her new Mackinac Island estate. The well-established trading post and networks with local American Indian fur traders remained in the area until 1860.

Established in 1837, the first village post office was overseen by a postmaster surnamed Smith, who extended his beloved first daughter’s name, Ada, for consideration. The small village was laid into plots, close to the time the Detroit and Milwaukee Railroad was constructed, about 1858. The earliest records report a schoolhouse, hotel, drug store, and three grocery stores. This budding community boasted a grist mill with “tolerably good waterpower”, surrounded by excellent farmland. 

In 1867 the Bradfield Bridge was built, allowing Bronson Street to traverse the Thornapple River. More commonly known today as the Ada covered bridge, this historical centerpiece holds special significance in the hearts and memories of residents and visitors.

As the Thornapple River generously deliverers its portion into The Grand River; we celebrate the vital resources those two rivers have afforded the region. Decades of merchants sending and receiving goods, power derived from rushing water, and all the natural life sustained by it. Along its flowing, 270-mile journey through cities and rolling countryside, it welcomes smaller streams as it travels through a scenic grand valley emptying in a grand finale at Lake Michigan; “Valley of the River Kent” the very definition of the name Kendall.

Fast Forward to early 2016, The Kent County Road Commission voted to dispose of the storage facility at the end of Fase Street, known as the Ada Garage. The 10,000 square foot storage facility sitting on four acres had served the township well, but its location proved not as useful, as others in the county. Dreams and discussions began simmering about the construction of a desirable neighborhood of luxury homes on the property. Plans for Fase St. Crossings surfaced over early morning coffee and cinnamon rolls, a crumpled napkin possessing initial sketches. In December 2020, the old building was demolished, paving the way for sixteen attractive, new homes.

The Home Studio by Omega team imagined a peaceful loop, strolling distance from the covered bridge. Located close to trails, shopping, and appealing to empty nesters, professionals, and retirees. Clients will be invited to select interior finishes with personalized assistance from one of our professional designers. Each home captures the essence of the resident’s needs, style, and wishes.

Fase St. Crossings will offer four elevations and three house designs to consider: The Robinson, The Bradfield, and The Kendall. Great care went into selecting these names; a gesture to honor the geography and history of the area.

Soon, lot number two will welcome a model home, The Robinson ranch in the farmhouse style. This will grant individuals the opportunity to see interior features, note the high quality construction, and embrace the future of Fase St. for generations to come.

We look forward to making your home-building experience an enjoyable and stress-free one. We understand your new home is more than a dwelling; it is an expression of what you hold most valued, we will be there every step of the way.

Property sales are being administered by Arija Wilcox and her team from Keller Williams GR North. They are happy to respond to any questions you may have.