Phases of a Remodel

Identify. Invest. Remove. Restore. Walkthrough.

These five words sit between you and the dreams of a well-thought-out, smooth operating, home remodel. Let’s explore the phases of a home remodel.

The IDENTIFY stage can be the most fun of the whole project, it involves imagining the finished outcome in all its glory. Clean and sparkly, attractive, and fully functional space…obsessing over Pinterest and “liking” more photographs than a grandma at Christmastime. As scouting out the elements of a remodeling project can take on a life all its own, we suggest containing your research to key areas of focus, so you don’t face early burnout.

Our professional designers can assist you in creating a design roadmap: asking critical questions and revealing creative options while determining the feasibility of your project. Long before any site work begins our designers work diligently to identify the essence you envision in your space, in cost, beauty, AND function.

Photographs, clippings, Pinterest pages, and samples become important elements of your remodeling project. Our vision or “mood” boards can help pull your look together and are an invaluable tool in the visioning of the final reveal.

After determining your selection wants and wishes, the next phase to devote some serious time to is the INVESTMENT phase. A great designer and reputable builder will help keep the conversation honest; suggesting creative solutions that can achieve the desired aesthetics with less cost if your vision speaks to a higher budget number than reality might offer. Budget variances* occur when details are excluded from the original design, and changes or elements added mid-project can dramatically drive the cost up. Going into the investment planning phase, homeowners typically have a grasp on their comfort level with a dollar amount or at least a dollar range. It is important to be forthright with your designer and contractor so they can reconcile your budget to be in line with your true end goals. This is the time to talk about the facets of your project that are “non-negotiable.” For example, if that ornate custom range hood you saw online lights you up, and was the preamble of the whole kitchen remodel, say so early! If a fieldstone fireplace in the family room is a lifelong dream, say it out loud! Specific or specialty items may come in at a higher price however, if your designer is aware of them in the planning phase, decisions can be made to reduce costs in other areas, so you can get what you truly have your heart set on.

The REMOVAL phase is also thrilling; watching the old go away creates room for a new life in a tired or dated space.

If materials removed from a project aren’t reassigned by the homeowners, we attempt to donate as many items as possible, rather than transport them to a landfill. The oak cabinets pictured took on a new life through our collaboration with Habitat for Humanity of Kent County.

The demo phase has a little talked-about sidekick called hurry-up and wait. Once walls are down, cabinets are removed, mechanicals are checked, etc. this part of the remodeling journey can feel like watching paint dry. Surprises can be revealed during removal, which may lead to; necessary design changes, mechanical or electrical upgrades, and required inspections. This phase can be daunting to a rookie remodeler due to the feeling that nothing is happening when in fact, everything that is happening is behind the scenes. Remaining in good communication with your contractor and a healthy dose of patience is your best strategy during this slower-paced phase.

Once the proverbial ball gets rolling again, visible changes occur quickly. You are now entering the RESTORE phase. Many moving parts are orchestrated every day, and multiple subcontractors may be working on numerous items, creating a flurry of activity to return your space to a beautiful, livable, working area of your home. 

Quality carpenters can make great progress over the course of just a few days, when things are clicking, they may appear like well-trained athletes – in the zone. As long as the tools work, materials are readily available, the weather cooperates, and everyone stays healthy, they make fast work of some heavy lifting to get you to the other side of your remodel.

Once the project is near completion the final WALKTHROUGH is here at last! Contractors schedule this stroll through the home, so all parties are on the same page regarding any particulars that need to be noted and addressed before the last invoice is sent. At the end of a long project, having individuals in and out of your home for days or even weeks, it may be tempting to slide through this phase with the end clearly in sight and shrug it off as a non-critical point. 

Instead, twenty-four to seventy-two hours before the official walkthrough, you may consider calling your most refined friend, or that pal who incessantly brags about their perfectionism, ask them to walk through the work area with you, taking good notes all the while. Have that list in hand when you talk to the builder or during the walkthrough.

Ending a project on a good note is always a plus, if the project has been a good experience, tell your builder & please leave a glowing online review – they matter! If the builder can learn from your constructive feedback, share that too.

When the sun sets on a home remodel project, it is a great feeling for everyone and one that should be celebrated, we suggest breaking out the chocolate milk, if you enjoy a glass of wine; break out the good stuff, a nice hot tubby is a great reward, and for those big projects go howl at the moon, no matter what phase it’s in. Home Studio by Omega is a locally owned, family business committed to providing exceptional design and professional remodeling at a fair price. Reach out and let us know how our team can bring your dreams to life!

*additional costs outside the scope of your contracted project budget