5 Elements: Transforming Your Bath Into A Spa-Like Retreat

I sat down with some of our talented designers to glean what elements they feel convey an elevated, luxurious spa bath.

As a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, we are always mindful of styles and design changes coming down the road in home reno projects. NKBA’s NEWLY RELEASED 2023 DESIGN TRENDS REPORT STATES, “THE BATH IS TRANSFORMING FROM A PLACE OF BASIC FUNCTIONALITY TO A SPACE THAT OFFERS SANCTUARY, A SPA-LIKE RETREAT.”

I sat down with some of our talented designers to glean what elements they feel convey an elevated, luxurious spa bath.

One. Warmth

All agree, one of the most indulging feelings is warmth. Stepping from a bath or shower to heated floors or, draping a warmed towel around your shoulders…pure bliss. Comfort and relaxation are best attained when the backdrop is balmy. Radiant heated floors are one of the best and easiest ways to level up your bath. Added benefits include lower home heating costs, improved safety by drying wet floors, and increasing your home’s resale value. Heated floor systems are available for every type of flooring, wood, laminate, tile, stone, or vinyl. Heated towel racks were formerly an accessory found only in upscale resorts. Now you can wrap yourself in this cozy luxury at home. This quick and simple way to enhance bath time has grown in popularity, and – it must be said – reduces bacteria. There, we said it! Available in a variety of attractive solutions regardless of the style of your bathroom. Installing a hardwired, wall-mounted model will take up less precious floor space than their freestanding counterparts.

Two. Tubs

Now that we have you all warmed up, the lavish soaker tub needs to be discussed. At the end of a hard day or exhausting week, a hot bath can help melt away layers of stress and heal a multitude of body aches, quietly transforming your bath into your very own peaceful oasis. Deeper water levels and a contoured form give the experience a whole new level of indulgence. These basins of delight are available in various, colors and materials; freestanding, corner, claw foot, drop-in, under-mount, two-person, or sealed door walk-in. 

Three. Lighting

Bath lighting should cast a calming glow while also offering levels necessary for personal care or make-up application. Side mirror sconces speak to subtle refinement, while centered chandeliers provide a unique, glistening ambiance. Strategically placed pendant lights are an excellent option for rooms with a contemporary flair, the glow of indirect and canned lights offer a softer option.

Conversely, you might invite the outdoors in by adding a window, French door, or skylight. Natural light promotes happiness, instantly expands the sense of space, and can offer fresh air and valuable circulation.  

Four. Showers

Luxury showers are a design trend that is single-handedly changing the footprint of this traditionally under-utilized space. Wet rooms and elaborate showers are replacing bathtubs in record numbers; notably, if there’s a second tub available. Beautiful to look at, and highly functional; frameless, zero-step, walk-in showers are pure indulgence as well as being crucial for “aging-in-place” or Universal Design. Choose the cascade of a single, powerful rainfall showerhead and multiple massaging jets for a generous water supply or a combo that offers a hand-held option. Shower walls can be finished using stone, tile, marble, or porcelain. These masterpieces can be fitted with steam, music, and unique lighting to enhance the most lavish shower. 

Five. Technology

Smart home technology increases the feeling of indulgence, enhancing the ease and comfort of the bath. Preprogrammed or voice command options can control floor and water temperature, room lighting, and perhaps even ignite the radiance of a fireplace flame.

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