New Kitchen Recipe

Recipes are topography, outlining the structure and features of a particular plan. In this post, we will outline the Recipe for a New Kitchen Renovation.

Are big, beautiful recipe books now kitchen dinosaurs, sadly replaced by the immediacy at our fingertips? Retrieving a recipe on the internet is convenient. However, we lose the connection to our past that a book keeps safe within its pages. From the dusting of old flour left on pages, to Grandma’s faded handwritten note in the margins (when she discovered the oven temperature was a bit too high), these notations mark especially fond favorites. For example, the perfect substitution for the cheesy potatoes that were “the hit of the family reunion” in 1995. Recipe websites cannot offer these enduring reminders.

Family recipes often used for holiday entertaining or preserving family traditions hold strong meaning. Some of our fondest memories occur in the kitchen, making it worthy of the suitable “heart of the home” description.

Recipes are topography, outlining the structure and features of a particular plan. In this post, we will outline the Recipe for a New Kitchen Renovation.

A headnote offers a short paragraph that acts as an introduction, the opportunity to share where it came from or why it is important, example; “Mom got this recipe from her college roommates Mom.” Retelling the story of the Thanksgiving she spent with them, in snowy Minnesota. Brrrrr! This headnote could read; When our family had outgrown our dated kitchen, we were ready to expand the footprint of this heavily used room in our house. Our two grown children and their families visit often, and we dreamed of enough space to have everyone gathered in the kitchen while preparing meals. We now enjoy a large peninsula with seating for all, plenty of storage, and improved counter space. We also added a double oven and walk-in pantry for better appliance & bulk food storage. Bon Appetit!

The Ingredient List is a specific list of necessary elements to create a successful new kitchen.

  • 1 vision of your completed new kitchen
  • 1 reputable construction company} Omega Home Studio (NKBA & HBA certified a plus)
  • 1 assigned creative interior designer, skilled in 3D imaging & material selection guidance.
  • A team of skilled craftsmen and project management professionals to guide a successful outcome
  • A handful of extraordinary vendors, providing materials, equipment, and expert subcontractors

Recipe Steps presenting step-by-step action points ensuring the order and sequence are completed with care. A complimentary in-home consultation for information gathering, followed by a design studio visit; to meet your designer, view initial drawings & discuss the project budget in our relaxed beautiful showroom. Material orders are submitted promptly after the contact is signed, so potential project delays are kept to a minimum. Demolition and construction progress can be followed online keeping owners advised every step of the way. Our whole team is dedicated to the life of your project.

Yield in recipe language tells us how many people our recipe will feed. For the purpose of this article, yield refers to unveiling your beautiful, functional, updated custom space. Following weeks of activity that a remodel summons into your home, this is when you get to bask in the quiet comfort of completion.

Recipe books with colorful photographs are the best, a full-color display of what your best effort will produce. We take before and after photos of each project, and share them on our social media pages and website. Pictures show what words cannot adequately describe. 

Cooking is a basic need, and cooking for others helps us build and strengthen connections. Kitchens offer a place to create, a gathering place, with a familiar simmering pot and cozy oven warmth. We look forward to creating a new kitchen for your home, maybe building a special place for those big, beautiful cookbooks. Omega Home Studio delivers the best in tasteful, classic kitchen remodels to Grand Rapids and the surrounding area.

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