Small Spaces Reimagined

Strolling into the new year offers us a clean slate, a fresh batch of days ahead that allow us to reimagine & gain a new perspective…here is a small space to consider; visit us at booth 1837 at the GRAND RAPIDS REMODELING AND NEW HOMES SHOW – January 12 – 14 at Devos Place

Strolling into the new year offers us a clean slate, a fresh batch of days ahead that allow us to reimagine, gain a new perspective, and rein in on where we focus our attention. 

While those words may ignite a fire of possibility and positive change in some readers, they may be daunting to others. They can be super helpful, though, when struggling to expand the look and feel of a small space. Small spaces like bungalows, condos, and historic homes often receive an unfair assessment; the favorable traits can be lost. Small spaces are usually cozy, unassuming, and personable.

When a small space begins to feel scarce or confining, some modifications will assist in expanding the space visually. One of the easiest is paint; allowing the psychology of color to elevate and extend the walls and/or ceiling can instantly reinterpret your space design. For example, by draping a room in one color, including the walls, trim, and possibly ceiling, it will instantly feel larger as contrast is absent to the eye. Swathing a room in one color is a quick way to grow a space magically.

Let’s chat about scale. Scale and proportion highlight how design elements relate to one another in your space. Could the room not be too small, but the furnishings too large? Can you identify items that could be eliminated or replaced with a smaller version, or could one large piece replace several small ones? Calculating the right balance will help make a room feel more inviting, visually appealing, and beautiful. 

Next up, lighting! An excellent goal is to illuminate all parts of the room, especially those shadowy corners. Eliminating darkness is a fantastic option for expanding the feel of a small room. You can highlight and elevate a room’s size and style by selecting the right type and size of lighting fixtures. If natural light is an option, use it to your benefit; go with layers of covering if privacy is necessary. Lightweight billowy sheers during the day to allow exterior light to enter, dark-loving drapes or shades for nighttime. Hanging fixtures naturally ask the eyes to rise, so the higher the ceiling, the more on-point pendants and chandeliers become. Well-positioned wall sconces can brighten areas where a lamp isn’t practical (think long dark hall or mid-century narrow living room). Additionally, if space is at a premium and artwork gets blacklisted, shop for light fixtures with great interest; they can double as artwork/sculpture.

The number of articles online with space-saving ideas is endless; they include titles such as 7 Smart Storage Ideas From Our Favorite Small Spaces or 82 Best Small Kitchen Ideas. If you Google small space, you could read about visually altering a size dilemma for days, if not weeks. 

It is easy to get overwhelmed with information and ideas. At the end of the day, your four walls promise safety, comfort, and peace, regardless of their size. A place to return to at the end of the day to eat, rest, dream, and play. Where we do life.

Here is a small space to consider; visit us at booth 1837 at the GRAND RAPIDS REMODELING AND NEW HOMES SHOW –  January 12 – 14 at Devos Place. We will pack up our information and smiling faces and look forward to meeting you there to discuss your home remodeling project for 2024.