Home Office Oasis: Designing a Productive and Inspiring Workspace

The way we live in our homes has distinctive hallmarks of the current age throughout history. But there have only been a few “seismic shifts,” such as we’ve all seen in the past four years.

From barely considerable domestic dwellings with dirt floors and lean-to walls, early American homes were the original “flex spaces.” Pioneers and settlers built their homes with their own hands, using their carpentry skills and their community to help provide their families with food, shelter, and income sourced from one location. These multi-functional homes were centered around the daily tasks of living, each one working together to contribute to the promise of a better life.

Fast-forward to a post-WWI Baby Boom to prefab homes meant for budding young families, often occupying less than 1000 square feet. With economic prosperity and hope on the horizon…” love grows best in small spaces…” as saltboxes and suburbia sprung up to create the American landscape.

Today, for many of us, home is a symbolic symbol of appearances and a type of living organism we ask much of. Many can now call their homes “smart homes” -and mean it! Home is an oasis – now more than ever. Since 2020, the home has been catapulted into another dimension of productivity for the American workforce. According to the Pew Research Center, approximately 41% of workers in the United States whose jobs can be done remotely are currently following a hybrid work schedule. The percentage of hybrid workers has increased from 35% in January 2022. More employees are working from home now than ever before.

What makes a productive home office?

Offices may share with a guest room, anchored by furniture style accouterments and smart lighting tailored to you. This is especially helpful for those with light sensitivity. And let’s be honest, fluorescent lights have never been anyone’s friend. If you’ve ever worked in an office without a window (& many of us have), the home office often unwittingly offers this vital human aspect: natural light. The home office also provides another critical feature: the bedroom closet. It now doubles as closed storage for all your files and documents – even the printer. Strategically placed artwork has become vital because, hey, those Zoom / Teams meetings need a little extra pizzazz – and every room needs a focal point; that’s just good design.

Finding work-life balance when working from home can be tricky, especially for parents of not-yet-school-aged children. Privacy remains an important need in order to focus on the task ahead and have some assurance that there won’t be any unexpected guest stars appearing in your next virtual meeting.
Not surprisingly, working from home gives us much more agency over our environment. It allows us to choose colors, textures, and equipment best suited to our unique needs and desires. This makes for happier, more productive campers.

Some may find that a rework of their home’s footprint is necessary to create the perfect home office oasis. If this is the case, you’ll need experienced design and remodel partners who can help you reimagine your largest investment for its optimal future. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have with no pressure.